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lumiere güzellik seti içeriği
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What's In The Lumiere Beauty Set?

“Lumiere Beauty Set ”, one of the newest beauty series product of One More, is a candidate to be among the indispensables of your skin care together with the “Lumiere Sornie Anti-aging Mask ” and “ Lumiere Sornie Collagen Pathc” products included in the set.

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lumiere sornie collagen bant

Lumiere Sornie Anti Aging Mask

Thanks to the Lumiere Sornie Anti-Aging Mask, we do not spend hours on facial care, we challenge time. Sornie Anti-aging Mask, which you will feel the miraculous effect it creates from the first application, helps your skin to maintain its freshness and vitality for a long time with the help of proteins and vitamins in its content, allowing you to gain a youthful appearance.

​ ​

Product Content;

  • Aloe Barbedensis

  • Hyaluronic Acid

  • Lecithin

  • Retinol

  • collagen

  • ginseng

  • peptide

  • Organic Oils

lumiere sornie anti aging mask, aloe barbedensis, hyaluronic acid, lecithin
lumiere sornie anti aging maske, retinol, ginseng, collagen
lumiere sornie anti aging maske, peptid, organik yağlar,

Lumiere Sornie Collagen Patch

The use of collagen is extremely important to maintain skin health. It minimizes the effects of aging by protecting the body in the most natural way to prevent collagen loss and to provide strong support against skin aging.

​ ​

Product Content;

  • collagen

  • Coenzyme Q10 (QoQ10)

  • Asai Honey

  • Vitamin E

  • ginseng

lumiere sornie collagen bant, hydrolyzed keratin, seaweed extrad
lumiere sornie collagen bant, coq10, vitamin e, acacia honey

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