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One More International, which started its commercial life in 2014, started its activities with the mission of "Creating a Clean Network Marketing Field" and has determined this mission as its permanent target. With its qualified products, it offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn in the global market. After the foundations of this organization were laid, One More International, which started to open up all over Turkey, then to Europe and from Europe to the entire global market, has become one of the assertive players in global trade by establishing its corporate structures in 6 different points of the world.

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One More International provides the “global free trade” structure it has adopted to its companies and representatives established in Turkey, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Indonesia.

In order to consolidate its power in the sector, One More International has started its commercial life as an importer and has become a manufacturer by producing 85% of its product range within its own structure. One More International, which makes significant investments in R&D activities with production innovation, has adopted its production mission as "quality-oriented, innovative and sustainable production".

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Since the day it was founded, it has managed to become the leading entrepreneur and role determinant of the sector in Turkey, Europe, Asia, South and Central America, with the quality, capacity and wide trade network that One More International has reached.

One More Board of Directors

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Today One More International; It is a "Network Marketing" company that has opened to 53 countries, can serve the whole world with its personalized cargo, has made macro exports to about 7 countries, has offices in 7 countries in the world, and has 3 offices in Turkey. One More International owes its success to its managers and giant staff who come from the kitchen of the business. Our Global President, Mr. Mustafa Erdil and our Global 2nd President Mr. Sevcihan Saygılı Erdil has drawn a road map full of countless successes by blending their 21 years of Network Marketing experience with their unique vision and mission. This business, which started as an idea in one day, now has job opportunities for 200,000+ independent distributors and has a customer portfolio of over 2,000,000 products. In addition, it continues its activities at full speed with a giant staff of 30 people at One More International Headquarters.

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One More International, which has achieved countless successes and organizations of thousands of people with its ever-growing staff since 2014, is preparing to hold the same organizations all over the world and to achieve countless successes.

One More Global Structure

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3,000,000+ PRODUCT USERS

As the first step of globalization, in 2016, just 2 years after its establishment, the company established OneMore Europe BV in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and expanded its trade network by making a visionary entry into the European market. This initiative has significantly strengthened One More International's entrepreneurs compared to other entrepreneurs in the sector.

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After reinforcing the foundations of OneMore Europe BV, which was established in the Netherlands, turning its face to the Turkic Republics, One More International established its second international company in Azerbaijan upon intense demands, and increased its commercial and logistical support to its entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan and other Turkic Republics.

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The intense interest in One More International in Europe has led the company to seek a new logistics infrastructure. In order to produce a fast and powerful solution to this need and to expand our trade network throughout Europe, One More Bulgaria was established in Bulgaria and it was envisaged to provide cargo and shipment services to One More International entrepreneurs residing in Europe.

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Upon increasing demands, One More International accelerated its globalization steps with One More Kazakhstan, especially by adding the Russian Bloc to its global trade network. Established towards the end of 2020, the company is expected to serve 6 countries in total, primarily Kazakhstan.

The country with the fastest rise in the history of One More International was Indonesia. Indonesia, which met with One More International trade in the middle of 2020, became a suitable country to invest before the end of 2020 and One More Indonesia started its commercial life towards the end of 2020. Our goal is to establish a production center in Indonesia in 2021.

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Believing in the power of sustainable production, OneMore International aims to establish production centers in Asia Pacific region, Turkey and Latin America countries, especially in Indonesia, in order to create a global production chain, reach 1,000,000 entrepreneurs worldwide in 2021, aims to ship its products in the light of technologies.

One More Certificates

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Doping Free Certification Painless
Halal Certificate
Doping Free Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate
ISO 10002 Certificate
ISO 20000 Certificate
ISO 27001 Certificate
Good-Manufacturing Certificate
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