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One More Unique Earnings Plan

Operating in the wellness sector, One More International not only touches our lives economically, but also opens the doors to a life that will significantly improve our quality of life. A healthy lifestyle begins with a series of measures aimed at increasing the quality of life of each individual in line with their own consciousness. Increasing performance in emotional, social and professional areas brings happiness and success. Wellness is the most suitable sector where we can achieve our social and economic earning potential at the highest level.

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We have a goal! The One More earnings plan generously offers us more opportunities than we could ever have. All we have to do is " register online for free " to one more, participate in the planned trainings and make maximum use of the opportunities our company offers us with a high potential team work.

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Remember! success is inevitable only with a quality team.

Are You Ready to Earn High Income with 9 Unique Income Plans?

One More is doing its best for us to win. One more, which distributes 86% of its income to its distributors again with 9 different earnings plans it has prepared, makes it impossible not to win. How Does?

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Let's examine our earnings plans together.

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Başlangıç Setleri (Türkiye / TRY)

One More International Turkey Starter Kits and Package Prices (TRY)

One More Fiyat Listesi 2023 - 2.png

We have 2 Ways to start your Commerce and E-Commerce;

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1. Way

Amateur Beginner; It is an entry level for purchasing discounted items. It means that the registered member buys products from time to time in line with certain needs. High earnings levels are not expected.

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2. Way

Professional Beginner; It is a viable avenue for distributors seeking financial freedom. It is meant to take full advantage of the One more earnings plan. It is the most preferred route as high initial levels bring high %s.

one more kazanç planı 1.adım - %25 hızlı başlangıç bonusu
1. Kazanç Planı %25 Kayıt Primi (Hızlı Başlangıç Bonusu)

What is 25% Registration Bonus (Quick Start Bonus) and How Does It Work?

It is a 25% initial bonus given by the company for each new registration made. It is calculated over the initial QV value of each new registration made individually and instantly transferred to the wallets of the representatives by the system. 100 Qv'lik "Standard Set" for $ 25, 300 Qv'lik "Bronze Kit" for $ 75, 650 Qv'lik "Silver Kit" for $ 162.50, 1000 Qv'lik "Golden Set" for $ 250 as is calculated.

2. Kazanç Planı 2+1 Promosyon Bonusu

What is 2+1 Promotion Bonus, How Does It Work?

With two new individual registrations (at least one each on the short and long line), made with cash or credit card at the value of 100 Qv, 300 Qv, 650 Qv or 1000 Qv during the active working period, starting from the date of the second included product representative's next entry. " 4 weeks of activity" is entitled for free. This progress comes with a " 50 Qv" ($70) product gift. This means that with the 2nd step of the One More earnings plan, you are in a system where regular monthly orders and activities are free.

one more kazanç planı 3.adim 3D bonusu
3. Kazanç Plan 3D Bonus

What is 3D Bonus, How Does It Work?

The product representative who individually adds three new product representatives to the company in a month and creates a total volume of 600 Qv with the first line movements of the newly added product representatives deserves an additional $100 payment. The income in question is accepted for each month due to the regular monthly activities of the pre-included top ranks. Although this earnings system is monthly, it is deposited into the wallets of the product representatives after the end of the activity.

one more kazanç planı 4.adım 4x4 bonus
4. Kazanç Planı 4x4 Bonus

What is 4x4 Bonus, How Does It Work?

In one month, the product representative, who individually included four new product representatives in the company and created a total volume of 1000 Qv with the first line movements of the newly recruited product representatives, in addition to the 3D bonus of $ 100, an income of $ 100. gets more. The aforementioned gain is accepted for each month, due to the fact that the first ranks that are included in the past, carry out their regular monthly activities. Although this earnings system is monthly, it is deposited into the wallets of the product representatives after the end of the activity.

5. Kazanç Planı Takım Bonusu
one more kazanç planı 5.adım takım bonusu

What is Team Bonus, How Does It Work?

Percentages for team bonus earnings are determined based on the highest volume of orders placed by the product representatives to date, and they receive premium payment from the short line balance according to that percentile.

To receive this payment;

  • Minimum 500 Qv in that week's short line

  • In individual records, there must be at least one active front row on the right and left lines.

  • The team bonus can be collected up to a maximum of $20,000 per week. Over $20,000 counts as flash out.

​ ​

These rates are the rates specified in the starting sets. (100 Qv 13%, 650 Qv 17%, 300 Qv 15%, 1000 Qv 19%)

one more kazanç planı 6.adım eşleşme bonusu
6. Kazanç Planı Eşleşme Bonus

What is Matching Bonus, How Does It Work?

Based on the career earned, the company makes payments to the product representatives in percentages determined by the company according to the team bonus earnings of their downlines. These payouts may increase or decrease based on the career rank achieved that week. The career plan mentioned below is paid on the basis of the total short line turnover made during that week by starting over every week. match bonus
It is required to have at least one active front line product representative in the long line and short line balance in the commission.

one more kazanc plani 7.adım nakit kariyer bonusu
7. Kazanç Planı Nakit Kariyer Bonusu

What is Cash Career Bonus, How Does It Work?

The company undertakes to deposit the specified fees into their wallets for once only, to the product representatives who have reached the specified career. However, only the last career bonus is paid to the representative who reaches the higher career without taking any career.

one more kazanç planı 8.adım dünya havuzu bonusu
8. Kazaç Planı Dünya Havuzu Bonusu

What is the World Pool Bonus, How Does It Work?

The company divides a year into quarterly (4) equal parts and includes product representatives whose orders are 300 Qv, 650 Qv and 1000 Qv in another privileged earnings plan. In this earning plan, the company allocates $2 for every 100 Qv order, $10 for every 300 Qv order, $20 for every 650 Qv order, and $30 for every 1000 Qv order, and transfers it to the world pool it sells worldwide . Every (3) months, this world pool distributes the highest order at one time as one share for 300 Qv, two shares for 650 Qv, and three shares for 1000 Qv. The product representative who wants to benefit from this income has to do his monthly activity regularly. The product representative who delays his monthly regular activity, even for once, is removed from the world pool earnings system and the next product representative is included in the world pool earnings system instead of the removed product representative. The world pool earning system is a winning system that will consist of a maximum of 500 people in the pool at once. Our product representatives with more than 500 people line up according to the date they acquire the right to represent the product. If there are exits from the pool system for different reasons, the representatives in the queue will be included in this group.

one more kazanç planı 9.adım araç katkı bonusu
9. Kazanç Planı Araç Katkı Bonusu

What is Vehicle Contribution Bonus, How Does It Work?

Our product representatives, who have created a volume of 10.000 Qv points with their unlimited sub-team in short line balance in a row during three active months, are entitled to the Vehicle Contribution Bonus for 36 months. In this bonus, the company; Those who have at least a Beginner career and regularly create a volume of 10,000-14.999 Qv points every month, create $400 in their electronic wallets, $600 in their electronic wallets, and $800 in electronic wallets of those who create a volume of 15,000-19.999 Qv points, and 20,000-24.999 Qv in their electronic wallets. pays $1000 to creators' electronic wallets. In the event that a product representative who has earned a vehicle contribution bonus, another representative with an account in the short line balance wins a vehicle contribution bonus, the above representative must include two new product representatives on the long line within each active period, and the newly included representatives together with their front rows must add a total of 3500 Qv. It has to create a volume of . At the end of 36 months, the rights of the representative who fulfilled the conditions in the last three months of the retrospective period continue. These payments do not include those that generate volumes below 5,000 Qv. Those who create volume on the monthly short line between 5000 and 9,999 Qv are calculated according to their points below $400 and deposited no less than $200. In addition, product representatives who earn a vehicle contribution bonus must also earn the 4x4 income model regularly every month. Product representatives who cannot earn the 4x4 revenue model regularly each month can earn half of the promised amounts based on their points.

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